ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

The World According to Fox News, Part II.

The Chaser’s War on.. Fox News, Part 2 (22mb) >> To comment and see more videos visit

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Another jab at Fox News, with a look at questionable maths, attempts at being hip, yelling matches, and an incredibly sensitive Bill O’Reilly talking about Shawn Hornbeck.

Tonights episode is available for legit download here, and not not so legit, but uncut/higher quality download off me here.

7 replies on “The World According to Fox News, Part II.”

Fox News, better known as “Unfair and Unbalanced”, is really at the bottom of the journalism barrel here in the US. Now, I understand Murdoch owns it, but I will never, ever hold that against the Australians 😉

The only Problem is Kenny, Murdoch is no longer Aussie (technically/on paper), because he became an American citizen. 😉

“Rupert Murdoch surrendered his Australian citizenship and became an
American citizen in order to further his business interests in the US.
Under the 1948 Nationality and Citizenship Act, anyone born in
Australia who acquired the citizenship of another country lost his/her
Australian citizenship.”

Interesting Kenny….last time I checked Fox News was outrating CNN 2 to 1. That doesn’t sound like the bottom of the heap to me.

Rupert Murdoch turned a few bankrupt newspapers in Australia into the largest media company in history and very few people question the integrity of Sky News or The Times in the UK. Fox News clearly fills a very large niche. There are a lot of people who are deeply unhappy with the unbelievable bias present in our major media. Murdoch tapped into that and like the internet he’s part of the reason that the media elite have lost control of the message and that’s the real reason people go at him like they do.

(I work for the “media elite” in the States. I watch very little Fox News, but I have found that those that attack it most viciously are generally those that are the most biased of all.)

Umm, Mitch, I think you will find that there are A LOT of people in the UK who question the integrity of SKY News and it’s tendancy to sensationalism

Also, there are a lot of intelligent peopel whoa re deeply unhappy with the unbelievable bias present in the Murdoch media!

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