Electronically program this!


> Quicktime H.264
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> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
> RealPlayer Media

Like I’ve said before Canberra only gets the SBS EPG, but on my recent night in Sydney I managed to capture Nine’s new guide, and Seven’s as well. Ten’s remains embarrassingly out of date so I didn’t bother with it.

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  • What? So Ten’s EPG is exactly the same as the last time you posted it?! That’s terrible!

  • Ten’s is laughable! And there is just no way of getting to fit a 16:9 screen at all! 9’s new one is nice but a bit minimalist, and not overly helpfull. I like the 7 one the best. Not that i ever use any of them, who does?

  • Maybe channel ten just can’t let go of it’s shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Number’s, Smallville, Big Brother, and i’m sure their are others. These are just a few shows no longer on television that Ten is advertising just from flicking over to the EPG for 30 seconds…

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