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This week in current affairs shows: Awards

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What have we learned from current affairs this week awards

And the slightly less crap then Today Tonight award goes to..

Last night was the final episode, and they closed the season saluting some of the best moments from the years current affairs programs. I guess I’ll have to start blogging about idents again now..

Catch the whole show from the Chaser’s website or through their iTunes link.

9 replies on “This week in current affairs shows: Awards”

The final episode went out with a bang. They saved the best gags for last and this one was the cream of the crop!

I have a small request for you John (if you are doing anymore Chaser on request segments), can we have the Boyband segement. It was really funny!

I wonder what happened to the airport arrivals after they dumped them…

On another note, many of the current affairs items seem to be way out of date – do they just have some sort of pool of video data and keywords they grab from?

This media storm on Robson is amazing, 9 is so clearly in thw wrong after watching both versions! How could they be so malicious! Naomi should have Tracy Grimshaw killed!

“For they looked in the future, and what did they see? They saw an iron road running from the sea to the sea…”

Ahh yes, isn’t Chaser one of those wiser programmes that question reality? Well, I dunno about Chas getting arrested but it’s much wiser than the current affairs crap.

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