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Electronically program this!

The new Nine EPG (5.1mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
> RealPlayer Media


> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
> RealPlayer Media

Like I’ve said before Canberra only gets the SBS EPG, but on my recent night in Sydney I managed to capture Nine’s new guide, and Seven’s as well. Ten’s remains embarrassingly out of date so I didn’t bother with it.

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Ten’s is laughable! And there is just no way of getting to fit a 16:9 screen at all! 9’s new one is nice but a bit minimalist, and not overly helpfull. I like the 7 one the best. Not that i ever use any of them, who does?

Maybe channel ten just can’t let go of it’s shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Number’s, Smallville, Big Brother, and i’m sure their are others. These are just a few shows no longer on television that Ten is advertising just from flicking over to the EPG for 30 seconds…

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