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Basically, just get digital already.

The ABC’s digital push (3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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So its not the best promo I’ve ever seen, but it is simple, makes the point and hopefully will be succinct enough to appeal to people who might otherwise have no idea about digital television.

That’s Australia, but as for the UK check out the BBC’s Freeview push and Digit Al.

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Ahhh, the old ‘ad within an ad’ setup.

Full marks to the ABC for trying, but why not create simply a montage of clips from ABC2 to a great soundtrack?

Hving said that, I am thinking seriously about getting digital, now more than ever.

We have had digital for years, i can’t imagine going back, sure there isn’t a lot of extra content but the picture and sound is just so much better! And widescreen is just the best thing to walk thru our front door since sliced bread! We also have foxtel digital, however not a lot of its channels are widescreen, and because so many channels share the same bandwidth, on our 94cm LCD foxtel can look quite crap at times, pixelated, i think they need to address that at some point. Although it looks fine on smaller tvs, we have 3 boxes across the house and they other 2 are fine. But now you can pick up a standard def set top box for as little as $50 (if you don’t care about what brand it is and where you buy it) I think a lot more people will hook up.

I totally agree i have a set top box on my telly, which is a normal standard tv but i have the picture stretched into widescreen which at times you can notice people being stretched with longer bodies, but anyway they point i want to make is that older australian’s wont take it up in a hurry because they see it as new technollogy that they dont need to use, because what they have now works fine. So i think a promotion for older people is needed for the benifits, and i dont think they will be happy when the anologue switch off date comes…

As much as I’d like to see digital compulsory soon, it just isn’t going to happen. It’s like changing from analog to digital mobile phones. Most people in Australia didn’t have television until the early-to-mid ’60s, even though it was launched in ’56.

No doubt the Harvey Normans and Retravisions of this world will gear up footy seasons and the Beijing Olympics as reasons to go digital (or what they lead you to believe is), as we saw with Sydney and Melbourne; but I just can’t see people catching on to this idea in the millions, apart from the well-informed and wealthy.

Kudos to the ABC for campaigning though. Thanks for the video.

Well next year the commercials can do multichanneling on HD, so the Olympics will have a digital advantage of another channel.
Also we did switch to colour very quickly, but it is mostly government bungling that stopped the same happening with DTV

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