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With a milk bottle in my hand and a song in my heart.


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Chris Taylor and the Chaser team take the idea behind that shitty Moove milk ad and try to get some girl’s phone numbers.

Very funny, and very well done.

Everybody hates.. Chris, Ten, Rove, Craig.


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Sick of all the promos for ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ on Ten, Chris Taylor heads to the networks offices, suggesting a change of name.

The Commonwealth of Nine


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Channel 9 look like they’ll be running special Commonwealth Games idents. Saw these for the first time tonight.

Her? The show that engulfed my life.


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It all started in 2004, I was half way through a book about Freud, and having convinced myself I was in “arrested development” I decided to forego seeing a therapist, and in instead I searched it on Wikipedia…

What I found was an article about a television show, and after downloading the first few episodes I was hooked. The show is so self-referencing its insane, and for a family that has been criticised as being cold and unlikeable, I’ve fallen so far in love with the Bluths and made such a connection with them, it makes my family feel like strangers.

Some people have Star Wars, some have Harry Potter, I have Arrested Development, and its the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

This week in current affairs shows: Oscars edition


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This week’s was a little different, they did a bit of an award show.

(This clip is from the ABC2 Saturday night repeat).

Surprise Spruiker: Channel 9


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Every week on The Chaser’s War on Everything Anderew Hansen has done this segment called ‘Surprise Spruiker’. He describes the spruiker as the guy that stands out the front of $2 shops on a mic yelling “bargains, bargains, bargains”.

He thinks that there are places that could use this kind of salesman, and so far he’s visited; Giorgio Armani, Department of Workplace Relations, Department of Immigration and The Australian Wheat Board with his microphone and speaker.

This week’s episode though, he visited Channel 9.

We have Zan Rowe, they have Zane Lowe.


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Triple J listeners get three hours of Zan Rowe every morning, but in the UK they get two hours of some guy called Zane Lowe.. this is a very cool promo for his BBC Radio 1 show.

The song is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

But think twice, that’s my only advice


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The updated warnings from Network Ten, I haven’t seen the Seven ones, but both Ten and Nine now use the new classification logos. Are they being told to?

ABC hasn’t adopted the new symbols, but they still easily do it the best for me.

Updated logo.. something normal


One year of Two


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ABC2, the digital sibling of Australia’s national broadcaster launched one year ago today.

Personally I watch it more then some free to air channels, and the idents that accompanied the launch were the catalyst for me finally starting this blog. Currently the station doesn’t have any live telecasts, and is still restricted in its content (thanks to legislation), but even with its problems; the Sunday morning Rage’s, every state’s Stateline, Lateline in the morning, and never missing a Media Watch have made ABC2’s first year in existance more then worth it for me.

Its shown just a small taste of what multichanneling can bring, and I can’t wait for ABC Three or ABCNews 24, when/if they should ever arrive.

I captured this promo for on ABC2 this afternoon.

For more videos check out the ABC2 category of this blog.