BBC One Videos: Promos

We have Zan Rowe, they have Zane Lowe.

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Triple J listeners get three hours of Zan Rowe every morning, but in the UK they get two hours of some guy called Zane Lowe.. this is a very cool promo for his BBC Radio 1 show.

The song is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

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Bo – shizzel my chizel, and nizzel, yo foo’s dont know the meaning of gd music. Good music like Mozart and Bach. Yo don’t hav no culture faggots. Burn in hell fuck-sticks

That song went well with that advert at the time – it was unknown, and as such gave new listeners a sense of an exciting listen. Listening to it now, it seems the wrong choice, as it’s now used for everything and anything. Brilliant ad though.

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