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Her? The show that engulfed my life.

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It all started in 2004, I was half way through a book about Freud, and having convinced myself I was in “arrested development” I decided to forego seeing a therapist, and in instead I searched it on Wikipedia…

What I found was an article about a television show, and after downloading the first few episodes I was hooked. The show is so self-referencing its insane, and for a family that has been criticised as being cold and unlikeable, I’ve fallen so far in love with the Bluths and made such a connection with them, it makes my family feel like strangers.

Some people have Star Wars, some have Harry Potter, I have Arrested Development, and its the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

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This is quite definitely one of the best U.S. comedies of recent years. I’d watch it more if Seven would actually put it on at a decent time.

I love the episode where Michael’s dad pretends to be dead, with the funeral and everything. 😀

Arrested Development is the most hilarious show I think I have ever seen. I first became hooked when Seven ran it at about 10.30 in no ratings period at the end of 2004 and before they finished it I had ordered the boxset from and season two the minute it became available. And i cannot resist the Comedy Channel’s perpetual daily repeats. I just loved when Tobias turned into Mrs. Fingerbottom a Mrs. Doubtfire style maid after lindsay kicks him out. Mrs. Fingerbottom: “master michael might i put my banger in your mouth?” “we call them sausages.”, Maybe: “hi Mr. Fingerbottom” “its’ mrs fingerbottom”

i love arrested development, my all time fav shows, i loved that ep that nick was talking about aswell as the ep were GOB, the mum (forgot name) and most of the characters turned around on huge long chairs and buggerd up the floor, classic 🙂

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