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Surprise Spruiker: Channel 9

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Every week on The Chaser’s War on Everything Anderew Hansen has done this segment called ‘Surprise Spruiker’. He describes the spruiker as the guy that stands out the front of $2 shops on a mic yelling “bargains, bargains, bargains”.

He thinks that there are places that could use this kind of salesman, and so far he’s visited; Giorgio Armani, Department of Workplace Relations, Department of Immigration and The Australian Wheat Board with his microphone and speaker.

This week’s episode though, he visited Channel 9.

4 replies on “Surprise Spruiker: Channel 9”

My god that was funny.

Now if only someone had the balls to spruik in front of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation building. It’s beside Police Headquarters.

‘Come on into channel 9, our programs are a complete disaster and they’ve all got to go!…Our biggest stars, walking out the door! Don Burke? Gone! Larry Emdur? Gone! Bert Newton? Only a matter of time”


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