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The Commonwealth of Nine

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Channel 9 look like they’ll be running special Commonwealth Games idents. Saw these for the first time tonight.

4 replies on “The Commonwealth of Nine”

I really loved the opening ceremony but Channel nine managed to ruin it as per usual with their ads (none on seven’s live broadcasts of Sydney’s opening or closing or even Athens live feeds) and what in the name of god were they thinking puttin Ray Martin the the commentary chair, not only did he not do his job but the man hates Melbourne and is constantly slinging it off and did so it his commentary in an underhanded way. Now I know all sydney siders (of whom I was 1 once) hated it because it wasn’t in Sydney despite what they tell you and loved Ray as he made it watchable for them but here in Melbourne we loved the ceremony but the general feeling is that Ray ruined along with the inane Liz Hayes (also from Sydney). I think Eddie might be having a chat with Ray and whoever put him there. Trust 9 to have nothing but contempt for anything and everyone outside of Sydney. even the map at the end of the news makes it clear: a throbbing dot over syd and non existant specks for the rest. I wish 7 had got the rights, they have experiance in big events and know how to treat Melbourne like a lady!

I need somewhere to comment on the nine coverage of the commonwealth games. I think it has been appalling from day one, the opening ceremony was good, the coverage was lousy thanks to the adds and the dim chat.
However, when it comes to the coverage of the games it seems there is only one country taking part, Australia. Going down the pool they just mention the Ozzy swimmers, no need to mention anyone else, not even a name? Nobody interviews the foreign winners they do not even mention them, they just talk about the highest placed Ozzy. Only in the the wieght lifting is there unbiased commentary.
Many people who have migrated to Australia from other parts of the commonwealth must be feeling the same. I am ashamed to be Australian. The coverage Sucks. The comentators are jerks.

I have to say having been in the UK for the last Commonwealth games and now in Australia for these Commonwealth games. There is no comparison between the excellent and unbiased BBC’s presentation and channel 9’s diabolical coverage of the games. They are a TOTAL embarrassment to Australia and a misrepresentation of Australian sportsmanship. In all the coverage I have watched i have heard nothing but amateur and totally biased commentary, on the track & field coverage Steve Ovett (who might as well be a nationalistic Aussie), seems to forget about the other athletes and seems to only speak about the Aussie athletes whilst in the swimming pool there may as well only be Australian swimmers and for that matter I agree that Rich’s comments are correct. The only sport that has been well presented is the weightlifting. I have heard only 2 other National anthems played in all of the coverage I have watched, which a is TOTALLY disrespectful to all the other talented athletes that have trained hard and travelled from all the World to be here and also gives a very bad impression of the Australian media and people as having poor sportsmanship. I hope that next time there is a global sporting event that has representation of more than just one Country there maybe a TV station presenting it, with well informed commentators rather than the crap dickheads we have had to put up, especially that woman whatever her name is in the athletics commentary, that appreciates the sporting world has more than one nation. Lets hope the World cup is an improvement of this fiasco. Lets face it, it really couldnt be any worse.

7,7,7 thats all i can say, when can nine ever do anything right!!!! seven better be doing the next one!

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