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It’s not an ident, but it is my birthday.


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Somewhere between starting and finishing my degree, I got totally disenchanted with advertising. I still love brands and logos, but I think it was when I stumbled onto idents that I felt I’d found something with a bit more credibility to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get excited by some ads, and it was the music that first caught my attention in this Sony ad. The song is a cover of The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’, sung by José González (if you haven’t heard the original its excellent too). I love the simple premise of the advert and its brilliantly executed.

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You sit up here, and you read the bloody autocue!


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Words can’t really describe my contempt for shows like Today Tonight, and you’re either going to agree or disagree with me… they pander, incite misguided anger, give misguided hope, and above all waste 60 minutes of primetime television every night.

I don’t claim to be a journalist (and my minor in journalism hardly qualifies me), but I can’t comprehend how any legitimate journalist could happily work for Today Tonight or A Current Affair.

(And if you haven’t heard it already, here is Naomi’s rant.. language warning)


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Even Media Watch got a run on Today Tonight earlier this month, the above video is Attard’s response during last nights show.

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Before and After: Raymond


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Things have been changing over at Ten, and I know this isn’t the biggest of changes, but I thought it was interesting.

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Today Today


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This is what I’ve got so far from the relaunched Nine network (although some of it is Win because I’m in Canberra). The first video is the ident that ran before the Today show. The second video is Jessica Rowe’s welcome to the Today show and the third is what I assume is the new Nine logo panning from a camera back to the new Today set.

More to come throughout the day.