ABC3 Videos: Idents

Flicking the switch on ABC3.

The Prime Minister of Australia launches ABC3.

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On December 4th this year Australia got a new free to air channel (its been quite a year for that). The launch of ABC3 has been a long way coming, a dedicated children’s channel was officially proposed in 2007 by the government of the time, but had obviously been an ambition for the national broadcaster way before that.

Watch as the Prime Minister flicks the switch on the channel, and look out for a follow up post with more about branding of ABC3 soon.. right here.

6 replies on “Flicking the switch on ABC3.”

Didn’t ABC have a kids channel in the early 2000s which wasn’t under the ABC brand?

I like the way they only count down to 3!

There was: it was called “ABC Kids”, but it had no budget and no viewers, so they closed it down.

the original ABC Kids (as well as FlyTV) were started in 2001 after the Howard government ordered the ABC to create digital programming to encourage the uptake of set top boxes….despite the fact that the government at the behest of people like Kerry Packer had made rules that the ABC couldn’t show things like news, comedy or drama on digital channels. however the Howard government refused to give the ABC any money to run the 2 extra channels. you cant run 2 channels for no money. so when the abc was given yet another budget cut by howard, they responded by axeing the two channels as well as their breakfast news program and behind the news.

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