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Hello Athens. The Games of the XXVIII Olympiad.

Athens 2004 from Seven, and the Athens Olympics Broadcasting organisation.

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Having covered the Sydney and Beijing games already, it seems only fair to fill in the blank that is Athens 2004. These two videos, produced for the Seven Network and the Athens Olympic Broadcasting organisation respectively, prove that the timeless formula of “athletes + cultural imagery = Olympic opener” will apparently never go out of fashion.

– Another big thanks to Christian for the videos.

5 replies on “Hello Athens. The Games of the XXVIII Olympiad.”

Your AOB is a 16×9 crop of a 4:3 material. See this vid on YouTube -

Anyway, Athens Olympics is still the top on my “Best Olympics” list.

The Athens 2004 official opening beats the one from Beijing 2008.

Try to find the one from Torino 2006 (the official one).

The 16:9 crop is how it was transmitted on the HD broadcast of the opening / closing ceremonies, which is all I had. Thanks for that!


Wait, David, it looks like the 4:3 version is a crop of the 16:9 version I provided. I think you’re wrong 🙂


I don’t think so I’m wrong on this one. The Olympic logo in the end is near the bounds of the 16:9 safe frames when in the 4:3 broadcast it’s within the 4:3 safe frames (There should be more spaces on the side when this clip is transmitted in 16:9.)

Check 0:04 secs on the Youtube clip and the file provided, seek to 0:02.66 secs (or as close a possible, I use QuickTime to view the file). The “track image” on the file version is cut vs. the complete picture in the YouTube clip. Do a comparison as you go along on the YouTube clip and the file you provided.

I’m pretty damn sure about this one.

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