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The Hits becomes 4Music, like a kiss with a fist.

Channel 4 adds a music network to its line up.

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The Hits, a music channel in the UK relaunched itself this month as 4Music. The newly rebranded station joins the fold of sibling networks Channel 4, E4, More4 and Film4 in a multichannel line up that you could only dream of in Australia.

These two videos are promoting the relaunch which occurred on August 15th, with the first video a slow motion spot set to the track “Kiss with a Fist” by Florence and the Machine that’s refreshingly decent for a music channel.

– Cheers to Craig for the videos.

2 replies on “The Hits becomes 4Music, like a kiss with a fist.”

I’m still yet to see them show a selection of music videos that aren’t part of a countdown. And these countdowns are only ever on during the day, then it’s a small amount of music related programming followed by repeats of Fri/Sun Night Project and Star Stories. For god sake they had Big Brother Live on launch night! The Hits hasn’t been good for years but it was better than this. I don’t get why on earth C4 want to replicate MTV. MTV ISN’T MUSIC TELEVISION! 4Music should never have happened, they should have just improved the mess that is E4. And Channel 4 want licence fee money… stop launching pointless channels and you won’t need the money!

I completely disagree Sean, I think that Channel4 are the only channel doing things right in the UK at the moment.

I’m enjoying the programming on 4music, and I beleive that it has a place in the multi-channel landscape.

Channel4 continue to produce amazingly, creative promotional material and tie-in programmes across their channel network seamlessly.

Bravo! Keep up the amazing work C4.

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