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Hello Sydney. The Games of the XXVII Olympiad.

The official opening titles of the Sydney 2000 Olympic games (7.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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These two opening titles for the Sydney 2000 games (aka “the best Olympics games ever“) show just how little creative progress has been made in the field of Olympic television branding. And while they’re not bad, you have to wonder how many more Olympics broadcasts are going to open with video of a guy jumping up and kicking a soccer ball before somebody thinks up a new idea.

The first video is from the Seven network, the Australian broadcaster of the 2000 games, and the second video is the “official” opening sequence, produced by the Sydney Olympic Broadcasting Organisation for international telecasts.

– Huge thanks to Alex and Christian for the videos.

6 replies on “Hello Sydney. The Games of the XXVII Olympiad.”

Thanks for posting. Brings back memories. Do you have a copy of the 2004 opener, with the stringed musicians playing in the background. Had much more impact than the music used this year.

THe diving part in the SOBO opening clip sent a very bad message to everyone – you’d break your neck diving into such shallow water!

It’s true the overkill of athletes in openers. But Sydney did it well by linking it to Australia’s beautiful scenery. I swear to you that after that games (it’s true, they were the best ever) and still today, I want to visit Australia (and NZ as well).

mc, here is Athens 2004 opening ident:

I recall what there were another one ident for Sydney with different music. It included a close behind view of a man shooting from bow.
Can anybody upload it please. Missing on youtube and can’t find in google too.

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