ABC2 Videos: Idents

The cutesy sign off ABC2 says good night with.

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When ABC2 switches off at around midnight each night, this somewhat cutesy, yet charming footage rolls. And while there’s probably more creative ideas than this one, at least they’re doing something.

As ultimately useless as it is (like the entire contents of this blog), its the little things about how a channel operates, whether its some awesome idents, a mesmerising test pattern, or some creative programming that creates the connection with a viewer that makes a channel special, and not just a vending machine of trash.

UPDATE: It turns out they have a pretty similar video for when ABC2 turns back on in the morning around 7am, check it out below.

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6 replies on “The cutesy sign off ABC2 says good night with.”

That is very nice – I didn’t know ABC2 were doing that. SBS used to sign off with a simple screen with their logo and the text “goodnight.” As you say, it might seem pointless, but it really is those small touches that add that little bit extra to something.

They also have a companion “sign on” before the first program of the day – where the power cord rises up and plugs itself in. Very cute!

It’s quite surreal but I definitely agree with you. I miss the days when channels used to make a big deal out of the little things like start ups, close downs, etc…

This is a whole lot better than suddenly appearing with a “We’ll be back at 6am” type caption

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