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The new look BBC World News.

The slightly new looking BBC World News (6mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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BBC World is now BBC World News, and BBC News 24 is now just BBC News. The renamed networks got a not particularly dramatic brand refresh as you can see.

UPDATE: Check out the rest of the new look BBC News here.

For a look at the before videos check out my previous post here.

13 replies on “The new look BBC World News.”

Has the music changed too? I don’t like the inital 2 sets of “Dut-tut dut-tut” you hear but the music is far more dramatic and evocative than it has been.

In the 2nd clip, looks like the gap between the “S” in BBC News and the ticker is too short and needs to be increased. it’s unnerving me. A lot.

I like the whole look, including the nations and regions. The BBC need it to unite all the news output and Lambie-Nairn once again has delivered. Only the name aspect left me suprised. News 24 is a lot better than just BBC News and same thing for BBC World.

In a different note, can you find and show the new look of the belgian news VRT Journaal? What I seen of it is just stunning and you should put it on your site. But that’s yor choice.

Keep the good work.

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