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BBC News 24 is no more.

The new look BBC News channel (2mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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More of the white space infused refresh of the BBC’s news output, including the new BBC News Channel, BBC News at 10, and regional BBC News service Points West.

The BBC have actually blogged about the changes themselves here and here, and have also compiled a video montage of the look of BBC News over the years here.

Among other things they explain the dropping of the 24 from their news channel:

BBC News 24 becomes simply “BBC News”… The channel is not just at the heart of BBC News. Now it is BBC News.

For videos from the newly renamed BBC World News channel click here.

– Thanks for the videos Craig.

11 replies on “BBC News 24 is no more.”

Comparitvley speaking, the new package is static,two dimensional and visually bleak. The white background is dull and unused, and there is a lack of contras between whites,greys,oranges and blacks.

It seems like they are trying to merge both of their old designs and have not succeeded from the looks of things.

Much prefered the last look, the black look much more polished and professional in my opinion. Agree with Thatch, this one looks pretty two dimensional compared to the last set of graphics. Bit of a regression I think

even though it looks like the comeback of the old 1999-2002 graphics, it’s dinamic and somewhat clean with the white background…even if I liked best the black backgrounded globe one, I loved these new ones.

much preferred the older look….and oddly…they’ve made their graphics package more white but the studio is now darker with the black floor and deep red/mauve

I kinda like them.

I do like the older ones as well. Though they rebranded BBC Newsline (Northern Ireland) and it looks 100 times better.

I also like the darker studio.

Thought I would add another reply.

Have just seen the 1993-1999 BBC 9o’clock news titles, amazing music, remember it well and would love to see it replace the new music and maybe used with the red globe and black background.

The music from that time is what the BBC should have today, properly scare the hell out of people when they watch the news lol 🙂

I like this new look, but they really need to get rid of that David Lowe theme – there’s no need for disco when it’s time for some really serious stuff.

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