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Name changes for BBC World and BBC News 24.

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In a branding move where apparently “more is more” the BBC’s international news channel, BBC World will change its name tomorrow to BBC World News.

Proving its ability at being truly impartial however, the Beeb is giving BBC News 24 a facelift as well, this time taking the “less is more” approach by dropping the 24 from its name and relaunching as simple BBC News.

Along with the new names will come a new look designed by Lambie-Nairn.

For now though, a look back at the old branding, with videos from BBC News 24 and BBC World, on the eve of their rebrand. And for more from BBC News have a look at their earlier looks from 2006 and 2007.

– Thanks for the BBC News 24 videos Craig.

13 replies on “Name changes for BBC World and BBC News 24.”

To streamline branding, they say, thus everything has to end with “News”. I’ve seen the new opener for the domestic bulletins, and I wonder how everything will turn out for World and News 24 — err, World News and News, respectively… will the countdown and graphics change, too?

It’s strange that BBC World broadcasts in 4:3 while BBC News 24 has been broadcasting in widescreen for ages…

I think the name changes are totally unnecassery, especially of BBC News 24 which is often refered to as simply ‘News 24’ on the channel. ‘BBC News’ implies that the news channel is the most important part of the BBC’s whole news operation which it simply isn’t. It’ll probably be refered to as the BBC News Channel during BBC1 broadcasts which sounds far too similar to the ill-fated ITV News Channel. I don’t understand why they’ve had to change BBC World’s name, it’s already established as a news channel, they don’t exactly need to reiterate it.

News24 should stay as News24…and i suspect everyone will really continue to call it that – the public at least will.

Why on Earth does Matt Frei present the news from the side of the desk? It looks ridiculous!

I will miss the red and black. At least they are not changing everything. The BBC has the strongest news branding of any broadcaster…i hope that the new branding maintains this.

New look looks American, again. (Though i said that before in 2005-2006 so i might be mistaken)

I think the BBC has really lost the plot in the past 3 months. naive on tech, lack of proper programming (with some exceptions), the Iplayer muck ups, the scaling back on programming fears, the phone in scandals and now the downgrading of the news. What’s next, sponsorship and advertising, or even worse?

Pieter – News 24 is transmitted on only domestic widescreen platforms; DTT, Satellite and Cable, and they directly control the first 2

When you’re distributing a channel to hundreds of local tv stations, cable headends and other distributors or varying degrees of technical advancement adding the need to convert to 4:3 if needed is a recipie for disaster. The only ption is to send out 2 versions a 16:9 and a 4:3 to their affiliates but that would double distribution costs.

Indeed, they are now calling it “BBC News Channel” on the website. Doesn’t have as much spunk as BBC News 24.

I will still call it News 24 – slips easily in the tongue.

I want BBC News 24 back!
This title said it all, what the channel was about: News from the BBC, news, that you can rely on. And that 24 hours a day! And this title mad BBC News 24 unique, because others just called themselves i.e. Sky News. Now, renaming the BBC’s news channel, many viewers won’t be able to see the difference between the normal BBC news, the BBC news channel and the website, that’s also just called BBC News.
This is the first relaunch since 1999 that I think was unnecassary.

@Stuart: why would it be difficult to switch to 16:9? All they have to do is place two black bars on the top and on the bottom of your screen…

I am one of those that feels a bit “disappointed” since the BBC started to change graphics but I am still a great fan of the BBC news, change or no change.

thank you so much for sharing this great videos with us.

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