The 10 and 24 of BBC News

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BBC News relaunched its on screen look in January across all their news services, including the News, News 24 and BBC World for those of us living outside the UK. For some of the reasons behind the change the head of news at BBC World blogged about it here.

For some comparision, video of BBC News from May 2006 can be found here.

13 Responses to “The 10 and 24 of BBC News”

  • I have been waiting for these to add to my collection! Thanks!

  • Would be great to see the BBC World relaunch, too.

  • You know, I’ve seen the BBC World version, and they are just the same as the other ones, with slight variations. You difn’t miss anything, ADR.

    BTW, these graphics kind of look like “Nightline” on ABC in the US. The way those curvy lines were presented are almost the same.

  • Mega Slick!
    Why is it that the BBC keep turning out high quality graphics and sets, where here in Australia we have just…. *Can’t finish sentance*

    In particular 10… I don’t know what they are thinking…

    I think the ABC are the only network with something presentable, which must be amazing when I imagine their budget would be probably the smallest.

    Keep up the great work John, I enjoy your blog and it comforts me to know I am not the only person out there to get excited when I see new Idents and News Graphics.

  • I love the new titles they are soo slick with those curvy lines and sound effects.

  • Ooh, it’s been 4 months – must be time for a BBC News refresh!

    Seriously though, these are great, though I prefer the slower wipe (via the ‘whirlpool effect’) which was present on the previous title sequence.

  • is there a change in news openings inside BBC world or is it the same as BBC News 24?

  • Melissa: I think BBC World has had the same change as News 24 and the BBC1 bulletins, except that instead of the number appearing on the globe, the BBC World logo appears beneath it. It doesn’t do the whirlpool thing, though.

  • I love it. So much as well with the BBC World/News 24/News changes – the music is slicker than before. There’s this whooosh-bam-bam thing that keeps me, err, on the edge. Just as the BBC blog says.

    Weirdly, though, BBC World’s idents haven’t changed – still the ribbons-around-the-globe concept when introducing programs, ie Hardtalk.

  • I think the whoosh-bam thing was already present in the last changes they made to the old BBC News opening…I think (is it the sound when the numbers appear or when the music just starts?)

    Thank you for the BBC world answer Bryn, i’ll be looking at the new changed this weekend when I get to see BBC World.

  • The BBC has been getting a fair bit of flack recently but this sort of thing hasn’t helped…
    (From the Guardian on 23 January)

    BBC climbdown on news graphics

    “…The BBC has been forced to backtrack over the new look for its news shows. The BBC has said it will bow to complaints that its rejigged news graphics cannot be read on many conventional television sets just 24 hours after they launched.

    The new on-screen look for the main BBC1 news bulletins, the News 24 channel and the international outlet BBC World launched yesterday morning. As part of the changes, the graphics at the top and bottom of the screen were pushed out of the “14:9 safe zone”, which meant many viewers with conventional 4:3 televisions could not see them. The News 24 time box was also shunted left in a bid to give more room to the scrolling ticker.

    However, viewers deluged the BBC with complaints asking for the changes to be reversed. The corporation said it had received around 50 comments about the revamp.”

    Read more here (you may need to sign in):,,1996934,00.html

  • I thought the BBC was very strict on the “safe-zone” when it comes to design…i’ve read about it here:

    maybe this happened because they’ve hired a new design agency to do the new image…

  • Those guidelines are possibly a bit out of date I think (although maybe they should have made a note of them when designing their new bits and bobs). A few of the BBC channels are starting to use different typefaces too (no more Gill Sans on everything). BBC1 has a custom designed typeface by Fontsmith who created typefaces for Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film Four and ITV. BBC2 is using Avenir.

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