Seven Network Videos: Idents

The very polished Seven HD.

Seven HD floats among the greenery (3.1mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Among the commercial networks Ten HD appear to have gone to the most trouble with their branding, and the slow, steady and lackluster look of Nine HD isn’t anything spectacular.

For Seven HD however the current look is a sublime and creative execution of the networks slogan “the difference is clear”, and a huge leap forward from the ident that opened the network back in October.

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They’re nice, but seeing them at the start of every ad break gets a bit wearing (especially when most of the time it’s just two network promos). They should come up with some sort of breakbumper.

Obviously we won’t begin to see too many ads until ratings info is collected and it’ll be a while before that happens.

How can a waterdrop ident be inspirational? 🙂

I do agree that that ident is pure awesomeness though. I’m not sure if I prefer Seven HD or Ten HD.

7 and 9’s are way better than 10s. I even think 7s are better than 9s which is unfortunate seeing as I much prefer 9 to 7.

I want to know how did they achieved the reflections on the glass cube… I’m doing a similar personal project with cubes and while researching I stumbled upon this ident and I said “That’s what I want”… and then the nightmare begun…

Does anyone know who did this animation?? Is it in-house made or did they hire a freelancer? I would love to come in contact with him/them…

we did the entire 3D for the promo and the breakaway. Compositing was done by Naomi Anderlini working for PostModern.
For contact go to our website. And glad everyone seems to like it.

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