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Norway’s News Network: TV2 Nyhetskanalen.

It’s the news, Norwegian style (4mb) >> To comment and see other vidoes visit


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TV2 Nyhetskanalen is Norway’s first round the clock news network, its operated by commercial broadcaster TV2 and has been on the air just over one year.

The above is a selection of the stations on-air look, but compared to the outstanding branding of Norway’s national broadcaster NRK, aren’t really that great.

And while I know Australia does have its own news network in Sky News, surely its time a free-to-air alternative launched, and if the ABC doesn’t get the funding to launch one, perhaps its time Seven launched a news channel, the name itself is crying out for some word play.. Seven 24?

Even New Zealand is about to get a free to air news channel at the end of the month.

– Thanks for the videos Hans!

9 replies on “Norway’s News Network: TV2 Nyhetskanalen.”

well, you’re right; they can’t be compared to the NRK idents but for a 24 hour news channel, they are very nice.

I like it…but even the Nords look like they have trouble speaking the language! haha.

Seven could do 24/7News

…do people actually realise that Sky News Australia is part owned by Sky, Seven and Nine? Basically, they’ve already got (part of) a news network each, so they won’t launch anything else without screwing Sky up.

Despite that, it *is* more likely that Seven will create a half-a-channel for news: Nine has got trouble enough trying to create a half-a-channel for Channel Nine let alone anything else.

Norway have lots of channels. Here is a list for you!

1. NRK1, NRK2, NRK3
2. TV2, TV2 Zebra, TV2 Nyhetskanalen, TV2 Filmkanalen, TV2 Sport
3. TvNorge, The Voice, FEM, Canal+
4. TV3, Viasat4, TV1000

Most watched tv channels are:

1. NRK1
2. TV2
3. TvNorge
4. TV3
5. TV2 Zebra
6. Viasat4
7. FEM

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