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For Your Consideration: The Oscars opener.

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While there isn’t an Oscar category for title design yet (the proposal was rejected in 1999) it shouldn’t stop us from looking at the Academy’s own opening credits.

Personally I think TCM’s creative and mesmerising take on the movie montage would have served as a much more eloquent introduction to the 80th Academy Awards.

4 replies on “For Your Consideration: The Oscars opener.”

Great! Although I found it a bit odd when the recent ‘Hulk’ popped up seeing as though everything else was either recent or classic cinema. And ‘Hulk’ really wasn’t.

Shame the Oscars are so hidden away in the UK schedules these days. I wouldn’t even know what channel they’re broadcast on (Sky Movies or something..?)

I thought it was disappointing. The worst part of it is that it shows the complete disconnect between movies the public love and movies that get nominated. Yawn….

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