New Zealand TV Videos: Idents

New Zealand loves the feeling, on TV2.

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My first New Zealand related post! These two idents come from TV2, which is part of the state-owned TVNZ corporation. And while it is a public broadcaster, TVNZ accepts advertising, which along with other commercial activities makes up 90% of the networks revenue.

A look at the channels line up draws immediate parallels to the Seven Network in Australia, except for Scrubs actually being in prime time (which makes it even more embarrassing that JD doesn’t know where New Zealand is), and the anomaly that resulted in NZ somehow broadcasting episodes of Men In Trees before the US.

– Thanks to the whole TVNZ team for supplying the videos.

14 replies on “New Zealand loves the feeling, on TV2.”

thank you for posting these ident jewels…i’m always curious about idents in other countries :3 (also, thanks for the norway ones)

The music in these TV2 idents is a re-worked excerpt of a song called ‘Aire of Good Feeling’ by 1960s New Zealand band The Quincy Conserve.

A longer ident (hopefully to be seen on this site soon) includes the vocals and has proven so popular with viewers EMI plan to re-release the song in New Zealand.

Yes it would be great to see the full-length promo here. I don’t mind this campaign but I hate the ‘Love The Feeling’ tagline.

TV One’s promo which is set to Evermore’s ‘The Light Surrounding You’ is also very well done and well worth a look.

Hi Ornsack, I can see the resemblance between the TV2 logo and ITV2, but the NZ TV2 logo dates from the early 1990s, long before ITV2, and is virtually a copy of the BBC2 logo. For a number of years the NZ ‘2’ incorporated a ‘Pacific wave’ through the middle.

The second ident you posted has actually not been played on the station yet, these new idents have been slowly introduced to us with the longer version & the plain purple ident being used most of the time.

someone please tell me or drop me an email.

what song is it on the current tv 2 ad of “love the feeling”? with flashes of the tv 2 programs such as “desperate housewives”, “ugly betty”, “grey’s anatomy” etc?

Hey thanks for a New Zealand post. The JD not knowing where NZ is, is actually a play on their love of New Zealand cheese. Every week the cast and production company has a friday afternoon wrap party of wine and cheese, and one of their favourite cheese is a New Zealand blue cheese. Strangely enough, just this past week their LA supply of the Kiwi Blue Cheese ran out. They emailed the NZ makers asking where else they could get it in LA. The owner of the Kiwi cheese company (very small family outfit) got on a plane and hand delivered some cheese for them. It was relatively big in the local media.

BTW great site, a must stop all the time.

As for the ident, I don’t know, it’s a little annoying.

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