The new look ABC1 and ABC2.

Check out the new look ABC1 and ABC2 above, they’re taken from the national broadcasters new TV website here. Also on the site, check out Kim Dalton’s video introducing a “redefined” ABC.

Broadcast quality versions of all of the new ABC1 idents are now available here.

Broadcast quality versions of all of the new ABC2 idents are now available here.

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Two comments:
– each of the new ABC1 and ABC2 ‘logos’ features the traditional ABC squiggle on a separate square, the background to which is a slightly different colours (darker blue for ABC1, darker yellow for ABC2) – why make the colour different in each case? why not just use one yellow and one blue for the logos? Just looks wrong.
– when ABC1 and ABC2 appeare in the same united logo, there’s the yellow ABC2 on top of the blue ABC1 on top of a darker blue square with the squiggle – essentially ABC2 just sits on top of the ABC1 logo. Looks a bit weird – in that setting they could have made the square with the squiggle a different, third colour… (red? green?)
Just my $0.02!

I really like the ABC1 idents, not so keen on the ABC2 ones (particularly the one featuring the Ode to Joy, which is a tremendously overused piece of music; although I like the train station one). The animation where “It starts with” folds away and is replaced by the logo is pretty cool.

The old fuddy-duddies are probably ringing the ABC right now to complain, as they do whenever the ABC has the temerity to change anything. Hopefully the ABC will just ignore them, like it did when it revamped the news website, rather than caving in and forcing something horrific on us, like when they changed the weather graphics after the ABC News revamp.

I can’t say I’m an immediate fan of the new idents. Australians telling their scripted stories doesn’t really appeal to me. I much prefer the last batch of very creative idents.
On the topic of the new logos…ew. Even the bland and boring BBC TV logos are better designed than these. What’s with the lissajous curve being placed at the bottom of the box? I think the words “ABC *” and the lissajous should have been placed in the same box with the lettering over the top of the logo.

Steve: I agree that the watermark is a bit bright, although it’s quite small to make up for it. They’ll probably make it more translucent in the next couple of weeks.

I really don’t like any of these idents. ABC2’s in particular are very poor. While ABC1’s show a little more imagination, I think the voxpops will become annoying after a while. It annoyed me on the first viewing.

And I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised to find ABC1’s content is made up by a huge amount of British shows, particularly in primetime.

The last ABC2 ident with the two guys catching the train is a complete rip-off of Michel Gondry’s music video for ‘Cibo Matto – Sugar Water’, see

Shame on ABC for so blatantly ripping this off… the original truly blew my mind when I first saw it. Though I suppose Gonry might be flattered.

I like the slogans, but the creative feels weak. Solid fields of color, white type, funny or intriguing interaction shot in slo-mo? Whooopy! Sitting around in a creative meeting and watching air checks of BBC and ITV isn’t creative.

i think they are a nice change..but they’ll get tiring very quickly.

I would remove the voiceovers, and just play the music, with the announcer talking over it, like on BBCONE

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