What is the 2 in you, and how do I bring it out?

The ABC is up to something.. I think (3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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I’m not too sure what these promos running on ABC2 are all about, but I can only hope they’ve something to do with a refresh for the network, along with the anticipated rebranding of the original ABC channel to formally become “ABC1”.

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There’s a rude answer to the question ‘what is the 2 in you?’ but I’ll leave that to your own vivid imaginations (oh alright, “number ones and number…”).

Must be something in the air just now for channels numbered two, as New Zealand’s TV2 refreshed its look on Jan 21. Here’s a link to one of their new idents (it looks alot brighter and sharper on actual TV):

Not that impressed with the ident, to be honest, but one heck of a catchy tune! While the ident isn’t so hot, their new look menus, astons and so on do look cool though.

Yep, part of the refresh – which will happen in the second week of feb, same date as the refresh of ABCTV into ABC1. Looks like they are aiming it even more at the youth demo.

These ads are really annoying for me – it is uncreative and a crappy attempt to impress. And people bagged nine!

hmm, how about we wait and see the actual overhaul once it happens in 2 weeks, Ryan. After all, the ABC has 2 channels to overhaul. Let’s give em a chance.

Yeah, that is rather unfortunate phrasing, isn’t it. Tempted to say a Freudian slip (sorry Andy, but I’m with Ryan– to me these have all the hallmarks of an ident conceptualized by a committee of accountants and other non-creative garbage [in the immortal words of John Cleese]).

Should I care about who the musical artist(s) are?

well, they wouldn’t be. They would be created by a creative design company.

I don’t know if you should care about the musical acts…should we care about anything?

To be honest with you I don’t think it really clearly points out there is a change taken place between the two channels. The average viewer probably would think it’s some musical act gimmick. Needs to be more transparent.

The problem with the music in either of these spots is that it’s a non-sequitur.

One half of the commercial doesn’t flow out of the other half and neither half really makes a strong case for, er, bringing out one’s “2”.

Back in the 60s there was an ad featuring a guy standing on a New York sidewalk and staring into a camera for about fifty-eight seconds. In the fifty-ninth, he uttered one word and then the commercial was over.

The word was “Head”. It was supposed to be an ad for The Monkees’ just-released movie. With that as their ad campaign, is it a surprise that the movie tanked?

If these _were_ created by an outsourced image firm, I’d look into getting my money back if I were ABC, or at least going with a different firm next time. This was just botched.


I though I read here a suggestion (or it might have been another forum) that to avoid confusion (because it might seem illogical that “Channel Two” is now ABC1, especially if you didn’t know about ABC2) that ABC1 stay at LCN 2 but also have a redirect at LCN 21, ABC2 be at 22 and ABC3 be at 23, which makes sense if you think of 21 means “Channel 2: 1″, 22 means Channel 2: 2” and so on.

So anyway, this might actually be happening, because ABC2 are actually moving from LCN 21 to LCN 22. Doesn’t affect me anyway, I change around the channel positions anyway…

I think the element of mystique is interesting.

I can see ABC1 moving to LCN21 as well, considering ABC2 is moving to LCN22 sometime soon. Maybe on that date ABC1 will launch as well?

Yes, having ABC1 on “Channel 2” might be an issue, but ABC is only on channel 2 in the major capitals (ABN2 Sydney, ABV2 Melbourne, ABQ2 Brisbane, ABT2 Hobart, ABS2 Adelaide and ABW2 Perth). ABC is on channel 9 in Canberra (callsign ABC9) and channel 6 in Darwin (callsign ABD6) and many other channels in the rural and provincial centres, so the connection between “Channel 2” and “ABC1” is loose anyway IMHO.

hrmmm..this ident looks like a mock you’d see on screenwipe with charlie using one of his many abused staff members in sketches…
anyhow…i guess i get the point…and i think it just well for me anyway..builds the curiosity of how abc 2 will change in the near future

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