Ten Network Videos: Idents

The network graphics of Ten HD… montage style.

The “look” of Ten HD in 30 seconds (4.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The good folks at Motion Foundry have been nice enough to cobble together the whole “look” of Ten HD into 30 seconds of video for us. I still can’t receive Ten HD were I live, so I guess this is the closest I’ll get to watching it for now.

While I certainly have my problems with Ten in general (for example, I don’t watch it) the on-air graphics for Ten HD are quite appealing, and if they ever got around to playing current episodes of The Office I’d probably sit down and watch.

For more from Ten HD check out the intro and ident videos as well.

– Thanks to Alex for the video, and Jane Eakin who commissioned the design.

17 replies on “The network graphics of Ten HD… montage style.”

They’re good graphics – a nice little ‘take’ on TEN’s normal offering. The only programme that appealed on TENHD was Battlestar Galactica…but I got sick of waiting for TEN, and so got the DVD. So my viewing of this channel wil be rare, too.

These graphics are quite good, it all looks quite shiny and nice. The roundess of everything is very good too, it certainly does suit a HD channel. The one thing I dislike (and only slightly dislike) is the Ten HD logo, it’s a little bit too shiny if you ask me

I agree with Jon K, I quite like the graphics however the logo is just too shiny bordering 80’s style logos.

Love the look of the Ten HD idents, but just wondering, when Ten HD isn’t simulcasting the SD channel do they actually show anything that isn’t American??

hrmm…i don’t mind the logo…it’s a nice change from the C10 style..but i honestly think the constant use of the bright yellow/orange and blue will get tired extremely a similar vein as C10..but it’s okay for now…so hey!(smiley face)…but when it does eventually get tired..i hope they see it early enough to update them..

The best thing about Ten HD is the docos on every weekday afternoon, 3:30pm to 5pm. They’re always very different to each other, but always very good.

Sure makes an alternative to the soapies on Ten SD.


I’m from Belgium, working for a TV production company and I’d like to know the song title and the name of band from the jingle’s ten HD ?
Someone can help me ? Thank you.

It’s a remake of “I Can See Clearly Now” (Johnny Nash).

Ik wil wel eens weten wat voor nieuwe projecten je hiermee in elkaar gaat zetten. Als je daarover mag praten tenminste.

Hi Pieter, thank you for your respond.
Yes, you are right Ten HD using “I can see clearly now” for their new campaign but if you watch the quicktime trailer on this top page you’ll heard a completly different theme.
It’s that one I’d like to know the reference.
Merci beaucoup

Oh, whoops… I though this was the page containing the Ten HD teaser trailer. In that case: je ne sais pas. 🙂

Perhaps you could send an e-mail to the guys at Motion Foundry?

I’ve gotta say, I really love the TenHD graphics. They really stand out amongst all others here. Shame the only time I get to see any of them is when the guys in the Southern Cross Ten office forget to overwrite the feed with their shitty High Definition Demonstration.

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