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This art installation brought to you by Channel 4.

The concept behind Channel 4’s iconic idents have lept from behind your television screen and into the real world…

100_1442 - Twango

100_1443 - Twango

100_1444 - Twango

The 48 foot tall installation was designed by Freestate and unveiled on the 16th of October 2007 as part of the broadcasters 25th anniversary celebrations. For more about the story behind the artwork read up on it here and here.

– Thanks for the photos Marc.

8 replies on “This art installation brought to you by Channel 4.”

Seems not much publicity came of it at the time!

Cool lil’ idea. Shame it just looks like a big mess when you look at it from the wrong angle! The Channel 4 building already looks like a big pile of scaffolding

Well the whole point in it looking like a “mess” from the side is that it resembles the way the idents have the blocks coming together at a certain angle to make the 4.
They should definately use this in an ident.

it certainly is interesting…it reminds me of the huge ‘7’ logo out front of their docklands building in melbourne..and im sure at one stage they had one in front of their old epping studios in sydney as well…it made more sense when the ‘ribbon’ logo was still around however.

this huge piece of ‘art’..(which you can honestly call it art unlike a lot of other advertising gimmicks)..look very interesting..and if you’ve seen the just makes perfect sense…but i’d avoid using this in an ident…it’s meant to represent how the idents work…but it shouldn’t be worked the other way around.

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