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The blue of Australia, and orange of the Pacific.

ABC News on the Australia Network (4.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The Australia Network (formerly ABC Asia Pacific) is a free to air satellite television station operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Its available to over 20 million homes across Asia, the Pacific, and India, and although technically not broadcast in Australia, some of its programming is available on ABC2.

The above video comparison shows the opening sequences of ABC News as broadcast locally, and ABC News Asia Pacific produced for the Australia Network.

13 replies on “The blue of Australia, and orange of the Pacific.”

While I love ABC News, this opener is now 3 years old…a little ‘evolution’ of graphics wouldn’t go astray!

I quite like the ABC graphics and music. They would be, in my opinion, 2nd to 7news and just ahead of SBS World News. And that Canberra set is a bit smaller and different to the one for ABC News Victoria, which I would say again has the second best set after 7news Melbourne. All in all, ABC news is really quite good.

ABC produces a local 7pm bulletin in all the states, and Canberra (being the national capitol), which is what this video is. They have national bulletins at midday and Lateline.

…in addition the 730 Report plays the role of the ‘national bulletin’ in a sense – dealing with the big issues of national importance.

The 7.30 Report is more current affairs, but not in the sense that A Current Affair and Today Tonight are, 7.30 is actual news. It too was state based till the mid 90s, then they nationalised it and gave each state their own Stateline programme that airs in place on 7.30 on Fridays. Not a fair trade I should think.

The Canberra bulletin is about as close to regional news the ABC gets; elsewhere it’s just one for each state capital. In other words, one for each state and territory. The 7.30 Report is more news analysis than a national bulletin; there are actually quite a few segments that are the same everywhere – Alan Kohler does finance from Melbourne for every bulletin, and Peter Wilkins presenters the sport from Sydney (a pretty ridiculous move; the state news presenter usually spends as much time introducing sport items as Wilkins does).

The ABC switchboard in Melbourne still receives complaints about Peter Wilkins doing sport on the news, and they brought him in ages ago. It meant they shafted the sport presenter, Angela Pippos, to weekends and now she has left altogether and has not been replaced. So there is no sports presenter in Melbourne at all. A city renowned for its sport.

How come the channel was renamed from ABC Asia Pacific to Australia Network? Was it just to make more sense to its viewers?

No, it was because there was a possibility that the ABC might lose the tender to SKY…and it would be weird having SKY own a channel called ‘ABC Asia Pacific’. SO it was done inase that happened…in the end it didn’t…

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