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Summer Skins on SBS

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Skins is a British teen drama whose first series was broadcast earlier this year on Channel 4’s hip digital sibling E4 to some of the networks highest ratings. In Australia the show is set to air Mondays at 10pm on SBS over summer.

Having only watched the pilot episode when the show first launched, and breaking my own oft-proselytised rule of at least watching a second episode before giving up on a show, I don’t have much to contribute review wise about the show..

For an actual review of the show though, from someone whose watched it, and almost convinced me to give it another chance, check out Triple J’s film critic’s thoughts about it here. And I tend to agree that ABC2 needs to score some content like this to help build an identity for itself, Peep Show was a good start, but it needs more.

– Much belated thanks for the video Craig.

21 replies on “Summer Skins on SBS”

Arh I love this show- I’d watch it again. Its not exactly as clean as Degrassi, but its awesome in the way you’d watch a train wreck.

It’s kind of enjoyable but very overrated, no question. There are some very irritating characters and indeed actors. Most of the stories feel very amaturish (probably because the series was written by teenagers), almost the same quality as my theatre class! Also, quite annoyingly they decide to send their best character off to rehab for half the series! In some ways it does work and can be very watchable, but then they go a do some really stupid things like give the main character a sister that never talks (she’s not mute, she just doesn’t talk!) and they end the series with a song!

This is filmed/set where I live and I have a ton of mates who’ve done extra work in it (one gets off with Cassie in series 2!)

I quite like it. I like it when Channel 4 do late night youth TV. Because Hollyoaks is on at half 7 they have to resort to plots about missing pairs of scissors or odd socks (ish) where as Skins gets to delve in to issues rarely tackled

Plus there’s some fookin’ random cameos from various comedians and actors!

This video made me laugh – what year is it? 1985?

and not to forget ‘a secret location…in Bristol!’

Skins is so addictive.I love everything about it, to the characters, the story and that catchy tune at the start and the end. I like how it involves all teenagers and how their parents are so abnomal. My favourite characters right now would be sid and mechelle. I hate how cassie is always in rehab. What else can I say “I love it”. Its my fav show right now coz simpson is replace with friends which I hate. Ive never miss an episode which will not happen!

Skins is a brilliant series,it’s one of the few i think i will go out and buy just to watch again.It’s not very rare that i talk to people and they know what the show is.I love it,and the music is great too!

Hey does anyone know the name of the song at the start and ending? I love it i cant wait to buy the dvds ( i’m glad my brithdays coming up) I think the music set the sence to, Although some things seem like it wouldnt happend that quickly they only get an hour each week and to be achieved by people our age WOOHOO

Skins is awesome. I love it.
Why isn’t SBS airing the second series?!

Maxxie and Tony together was just… perfect. I hate Michelle; I’ve never seen such an annoying character. And the actress herself, April Pearson, is horrible! No offence.

Anyway, I’ll be waiting for the second series to be airing…
Even if I have to wait another 50 years…

It is amazing.
No question.
First t.v series (minus degrassi) that has been about teenagers and played by teenagers, is sbs going to show series 2?

Brilliant show thats all I can say
Whens is season two coming out SBS please put series two on!!!!!!

what are you going on about? the plots are excellent, so much easier to relate to, please remember its written by teens for teens so if you’re not a teen maybe it wouldn’t have the same effect. Though, it’s about time WE had somthing fantastic to watch as appose to ‘Laguna beach’.


Ah I love Skins so much! I started watching it on holidays with my mum and dad. Mum didn’t like it, but dad and I watched it every monday! We loved it!
I want SBS to hurry up and put it on! I wanna know what has happened with Tony- I balled my eyes out in the last episode! Dad laughed at me.. lol

Series two is already on. There is new characters like Sketch and another one who’s going to be Michelle’s step sister (don’t know her name). There is defintly going to be series 3 but they are replacing all the old characters whith new one. I think maxxie is so Hot but he is not gay in real life. I hate how it is shown one a week and go on for one hour. Sbs would be my favourite channel cause it has different movie from other channel. Ps. Skins rock and I love it!!!!

I love skins, especially cassie and chris! Maxi’s pretty buff too. But i dont know when season 3 is airing in aus! cant wait to see what its about since effie is the only re-appearing character. Does anyone know when season 3 comes out in au?

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