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Charmaine Dragun: 1978-2007

Charmaine Dragun on the launch of the iPhone: January 11th 2007 (5.9mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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I realise this news is now a week old, but I was only just reminded that I actually had footage to accompany it. Basically, if you haven’t heard, Charmaine Dragun, a 29 year old journalist and news anchor for Network Ten tragically committed suicide last week. Read more about her life, career and battle with depression here.

A public memorial will be held on Monday, and in lieu of flowers the family is asking that donations be made to Beyond Blue.

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Poor Charmaine, I was quite shocked. Maybe this is a lesson to TEN: Do not produce a a news bulletin for a city, in this case Perth, on the other side of the continent. It is insulting to viewers, and as ex-TEN Adelaide newsreader Kelly Nestor (who was based in Melbourne for Adelaide’s news, she has defected to Nine News to be in the city she presents for) said: it disconnects you from your audience and them from you, it means it is quite hard to be seen around your city and become a personality and no-one in they city you live knows who you are. She said that her Melbourne collegues like Mal Walden and Helen Kapalos would get invites to places but she didn’t. It is also insulting that Perth get Syd personality Tim Webster co-anchoring and Adelaide get Melbournian George Deneakian. It would have been so hard for Charmaine to be away from her family, friends and newsroom collegues.

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