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NRK.. the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Norway’s flagship news (5.7mb) >> To comment and see more from the Norwegian national broadcaster visit

Update: I’ve just posted some more NRK videos here.

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It was only a few days ago I was posting about Norway’s TV2, and if you liked that, you should love this.. From the same country that brought you the aerosol spray its the Norwegian national broadcaster; NRK, or Norsk rikskringkasting.

Let me explain the contents of the videos, and a bit more after the jump..

The first video is the opening of Dagsrevyen, the most popular news program in Norway which according to Wikipedia gets nearly a million viewers (for a country of 4.7m thats huge!).

The second video is the opening of a debate for the 2007 local elections between the Prime Minister, represented by a rose, and the opposition leader, represented by an apple (spoiler alert: Labour won Trondheim).

The third video is from a weekly sports magazine show, and the final video appears to be a kindly older lady reading out whats on television that night.

The NRK is currently made up of three television stations, with a fourth launching in December, and a number of radio stations. NRK is financed by license fees, and although they have ads on their website I believe the television stations remain commercial free.

All in all it seems pretty impressive for a country with a population one-quarter that of Australia’s.. maybe license fees aren’t such a bad idea.

– Huge thanks to Hans for the videos, much appreciated.

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Not a bad idea at all it would seem..

First thought: what a funny language.
Second though: these are amazing! I love my ABC but I don’t think it comes close to any of this..

The first vid is really cool. Im so suprised in the diffrence between US tv news design and european news design. I could see the ABC doing something like that soon, it has a generic set and everything!

Wow. In-vision continuity for the 21st century! This hasn’t happened in the UK for years. (Oh actually, there is one bloke that does some on UTV in Northern Ireland but I believe he only does them before the soaps and it’s exclusive to him!)

BTW, kinda of topic but I wanted to mention that from tomorrow, RAI 1´s TG1 (telegiornale 1, the main news program and oldest one in italy) will change it´s looks.

let´s hope it doesn´t suck…very little graphics are nice inside Italy´s tv idents and news

About the license fee… Every household has to pay $450 (Australian) per year, so we expect nothing but the best from NRK. The fee is very disputed.

Just FYI, it’s not the opposition leader, she’s just the leader of the largest opposition party, they’re so far right, however, that noone wants to cooperate with them.

Norwegian politics are complicated…


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