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Anderson Chaser 360.

The Chaser on CNN (4.8mb) >> To comment and watch other videos visit

Update: Last night was the 3rd highest rating show on the ABC since 1991.

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Tonight could very well be the biggest night The Chaser’s War has seen, as the story behind the prank that made international news last week during APEC is explained.

This video is a promo showing the coverage the prank received on CNN. Hear what Chas had to say about the criticism today on 2UE in the audio below;

Download tonights episode from official vodcast here, or download it off me here.

10 replies on “Anderson Chaser 360.”

I’m so proud to see that the Americans are actually listening.

You know what’s funny though? This is probably going to be as close as I’m going to get to see anything Chaser on Canadian television. Go figure.

That episode was hiliorous and the highlight was obviously all the APEC related incidents. Pity the vodcast was plagued once again by so called copyright problems, damm EB movement! (Maybe they need to start taking critism and accepting the fact its satire) Oh well, you only missed a song.

Godammit, I beg broadcasters to pick up The Chaser internationally, if this doesn’t give attention to this excellent programme I don’t know what does. I’ve leant more from The Chaser’s War on Everything about Australian politics and dodgy current affairs shows, then I would from googling. 😆

I couldn’t agree any more, Andy. Even ABC Asia Pacific won’t show it here, and admittedly it’s much more fun than Jon Stewart (although I like him too)… you’ll never go wrong with this. When I heard someone broke APEC security it was an oh-it’s-the-Chaser moment. Hilarious.

Agreed, Niko 🙂

WOW Chaser, 2.2million?!!? (which I’m aware in Oz thats VERY high ratings) I bet 7 and 9 were pissing themselves..

For the ABC 2.2million is nearly unheard of. I think it was there highest rating programme since the finale of Seachange in 2000. Kath & Kim came close a few times too. But even for the commercials over 2mill is a roaring success. This year Kath and Kim (now on 7) and Ugly Betty are some shows that have reached such peaks. K and K premiere on 7 got 2.5 mill

Wow Nick, you managed to turn the topic to your favourite Channel (7) almost with the same skill of an Anna Coren ‘segue’. The cheque is in the mail.

Top 15 Most Watched Programs in Australia This Week

1. The Chaser’s War on Everything[APEC Stunt] ABC 2.245 Million
2. Thank God You’re Here Ten 1.785
3. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.653
4. RPA Nine 1.448
5. Seven News Seven 1.442
6. Today Tonight Seven 1.396
7. Home and Away Seven 1.394
8. Summer Heights High ABC 1.375
9. McLeod’s Daughters Nine 1.181
10. ABC News ABC 1.175
11. National Nine News Nine 1.172
12. A Current Affair Nine 1.170
13. Temptation Nine 1.107
14. Most Shocking Seven 1.106
15. Without A Trace Nine 1.056

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