ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

Subterranean Chaser Blues

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The Chaser’s War on Everything returns tomorrow night to the ABC. With 13 episodes left in the season, and a Federal election due sometime during the filming, it should make for a very interesting end of season two. That is, unless Howard holds off calling the election just to avoid getting Chaser’d (although I doubt that would stop them).

Subscribe to the Chaser’s official vodcast here, or download them off me here.

Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues music video gets the Taylor/Hansen treatment in the above promo. Watch the original Dylan video after the jump…

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as much as I love the chaser, i’ve noticed two skits and this ad that were ripped off (whether intentional or not)
first of all, they had the skit where there’s a small orchestra playing which was meant to be a parody of award shows when they’d play music to tell winners to finish their acceptange speech. this was first done in chappelle’s show with the “wrap it up” box
secondly, Julian Morrow’s parking cops skit was first done in full frontal (though it was all played by actors).
and now, this ad was first done by shaun micallef as milo kerrigan on full frontal
I guess since its just a parody of the original musicvideo, no one can rip each other off

Oh my…


“Members of an Australian comedy TV show, one dressed as Osama bin Laden, drove a Canadian-flagged motorcade through two security checkpoints in Sydney Thursday…”

“Police arrested 11 cast and crew from the TV program, The Chaser’s War on Everything…”

True patriot love, and all thy sons command! What’s shocking is this is the first “Canadian” coverage I’ve heard at this APEC meeting so far! 😀

Just wondering if you had any of the radio interviews since the boys arrests and if you could post them for us? I have missed them each time they appeared on ABC radio and Triple J yesterday and I just want to hear what they were saying

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