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The Chas seen around the world.

Chas on Fox News (5.3mb) >> To see Chas on BBC News and other videos visit

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If you haven’t heard already, The Chaser got themselves in a bit of trouble a few days ago, when they made there way through two security checkpoints and got within a block of where the US President was staying, all the while with Chas Licciardello dressed as Osama bin Laden.

You can read all about it here, but the point of this post is to show the coverage it got internationally, on BBC World, and on its journalistic polar opposite.. Fox News.

Update: Chris Taylor talks about the incident on Triple J (thanks Jaymo).

Update: The Chaser have released some footage, watch it after the jump..

APEC Motorcade Preview

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15 replies on “The Chas seen around the world.”

Not to mention my YouTube views for the APEC segment shot up! 😀 It’s get to see the Chaser boys are getting worldwide coverage. 😀

“There was a bit of security issue…” ??? Seriously, how and why on earth is Fox News still broadcasting. It really is an embarrassing and dumb mockery of itself.

I hope common sense prevails here and they don’t get jailed. They’re not criminals and there was no intent. There really is no example to set (unless they want to set an example to anyone else planning on getting into this ridiculous compound and deliberately getting themselves caught).

I haven’t actually watched Fox News, but from seeing that clip I think it’s safe to say they have the worst graphics ever. Ugly colours, large writing and an annoying 3D animated logo. You know your graphics are over-the-top when they make noise.

Compare it to the clip of the BBC news – a nice, clean ticker, a good backdrop and with a presenter who can speak English properly.

Every news braodcast from America seems to be as cheap and dated. And many are still in 4:3.

Another news item from Australia that may make world newses: 7News Brisbane sport reporter Ben Davis was bashed lived to air tonight on the 6pm news. Davis was doing a live cross to the Brisbane studio from Melbourne’s Olympic Park when he was beset by a group of men who jumped on him and beat him up. The cameraman kept on it, while shouting for them to stop. All of Brisbane got to witness this. It is headlining Melbourne’s 7News updates tonight with Jennifer Keyte. Police are investigating.

Sadly, the BBC messed it up big time with their report. Failing to acknolage the Chaser, and mostly using footage from other networks (Ironically 7 and 9) without trying raw footage. And it may be biased too.

This is a showing of poor professionism from the BBC again, they are really losing their “public broadcaster harmony” with this. Then again, Murdoch news was much worse!

It was on RTE News in Ireland too. Unfortunately I can’t find a recording of it but the second I heard “Two Australian comedians arrested” in the headlines I instantly thought “CHASER”!!!

Dynamo_ace, watch the two clips again. I think the ‘unprofessionalism’ should be awarded to Fox. At least the BBC Newsreader saw the humour subtly, the other guy looks so dead serious.

Fox news has to have these graphics – their audience needs big, slow moving words, and lots of colour and movement (like the Teletubbies). They also need outdated graphics, so that the audience doesn’t feel like Fox news is modern, cos that is bad and a sign of being left wing – only left wing people care about aesthetics.

Dynamo_ace, wanna back up your points because at the moment, I don’t know what you’re talking about. In what way was the report biased? There’s nothing unprofessional about using existing footage. If footage already exists, it makes sense to use it, especially if you have partnerships with the broadcasters who own the footage. Mentioning the name of the show really isn’t messing up either. The story was that these guys got arrested for getting through a security cordon. What programme they work for is immaterial. If they worked for a cheese manufacturing plant, you wouldn’t expect that to have been mentioned.

OK OK, the BBC was better than Fox, and not mentioning the name was not a problem (Though considering the BBC and ABC are national broadcasters, shouldn’t there be some national broadcaster harmony). The reason why i have commented like that is because i am getting sick of the BBC’s naivity on technology and the continuing lapses of professism, to the point it may become a “spot the unprofessional\non-imparital action”.

And indeed, the BBC World newsanchor did see the funny side of it (I have seen him on BBC News 24 once, i don’t know what his name is though)

Chas and Julian just did a live interview from Sydney on TV One New Zealand’s Current Affairs Show Close Up. They have also bought the rights to the remainder of this years episodes. Looks like because of the stunt they are going international (Or Trans Tasman at least)

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