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Nyhetene and Været.. News and Weather.

Norway’s News and Weather (2.7mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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I’ve learnt a lot more about Norway than I thought I would from writing this blog. I’ve learnt that Norway it isn’t (despite what I thought) part of the European Union, that it ranks number #1 in the UN Human Development Index, and now apparently its the most peaceful country on earth!

Back to TV though, check out Norwegian broadcaster TV2’s idents here in my earlier post, or watch their news and weather openers above, with music composed by David Lowe, whose work you may have heard in the theme music to BBC News.

– Thanks Hans for the videos.

7 replies on “Nyhetene and Været.. News and Weather.”

Wow, Scandinavia really is the most peaceful place to live! Norway 1st, Denmark 3rd, Finland 6th, Sweden 7th! I wonder where Iceland would be if they were included.

Not bad graphics and nice music. When it comes time to abandone Australia (when the idiots reign supreme…I think it’s coming) Scandavia will be where I go. I really like the cut of Sweden and Finland’s jib in particular. I am also quite partial to Iceland. And you can usually count on Sweden and Iceland to do a good Eurovision entry to boot.

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