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The American Office re-relaunches in Australia.

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The American version of The Office is without a doubt, one of the best sitcoms around. It is one month from today until the fourth season starts in the US, but tonight on Ten, you can catch the beginning of season three, which may not make a lot of sense to the uninitiated since the second season ends on a cliffhanger.. but anyway.

Ten treated this show pretty horribly, pulling it from prime time when the pilot didn’t rate well, and then playing a bunch of episodes late on Sunday nights. Well now they’re giving it kind of a chance, playing it at 10:25pm tonight after Californication.

If you haven’t seen it before, the first two seasons are on DVD, and season three is all over the net, so like I said with Weeds on 9, do yourself a favour and watch it at your own leisure, because you know Ten is just going to end up pissing you off somehow.

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One thing that annoys me with some of Ten’s (and 7’s) promos especially if it’s dramas, they always put this stupid voice enhancer effect on the V/Os. It sounds so un-realistic, and when you compare the show with the original broadcaster’s promo it sounds so much better and natural.

Californication bombed. City Homicide on Seven was a real winner. Excellent television that really highlighted Sea Patrol’s many failings

You like the US version of the office??? are you for real. You clearly have never seen the British version…Sorry scratch that you clearly have no taste!!!

Hey Sidney,

I have seen the British version, and think its amazing.

I just don’t think you should have to choose between the two versions, they’re both really well made shows, but for different reasons.

The British version is a stunning, much more dramatic and darker story, and the Christmas special finale is probably the most perfect end of a television series I’ve ever seen.

The American version is a very different show, it still has some of the dramatic qualities of the British version, but its humour is slightly more surreal. And with 39 more episodes then the original version ever had, I think it deserves to be viewed on its own merits, and not always viewed in the shadow of its British counterpart.

I don’t think its fair to have to chose one version over the other, I love them both and can appreciate them for different reasons.

John you make a good point, but do think that if the americans tried to do there version of Faulty Towers that we would not compare the 2. It is stupid to think like that! The office could have been a classic but once again another TV show has been destroyed by greed.

Sidney, you really are being too harsh on the American version of The Office. To be honest, you can’t compare them, as the American one does the show in a different way. It has me laughing out loud every single week I watch it, it’s that good. Also, the plot and character development is just as good as the UK version, but with more twists and turns. The UK one is more dark, and more cringeworthy. I enjoy them both.

I’m sick and tired of people hating it just for the sake of it. Americans do make good television now and then, and this is one of those series. Watch every single one over the course of a week sometime, and be more open-minded, and I promise you’ll love it, and really invest some time in the characters too!

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