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New(ish) look Neighbours.

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Neighbours, the great Australian soap, got a revamp today. Ratings were dropping, and with the BBC not willing to pay £300m for an eight year contract I guess they decided it was time something was done.

The new look has a few new faces, loses a few old faces, will tone down the crazy storylines, and hopefully start to “look” a lot better now that its all being shot in HD.

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they’ll rate badly in the UK when it moves from BBC One to five. Home and Away did really well when five took it from ITV, but I’m not sure the same will happen with this one…children are watching BBC One at that time, and teenagers watching channel 4 for hollyoaks. unless five move their news programme then neighbours slot will be difficult for them

Thanks for that, Neighbours also has a new look on its official website also a new forum., check it out!

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