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Melbourne Lives on the ABC.

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Sydney isn’t the capital of Australia?! No, its actually my home town Canberra. And feeling good about where you live is a nice thing. That is probably part of the motivation behind this “Melbourne Lives” campaign running on the ABC in Victoria.

Melbourne, always playing second fiddle to Sydney must get tiring, but the ABC isn’t having a bar of it, instead promoting all the great stuff that Melbourne does for the national broadcaster.

The song is “Light My Way” by Al Harding, which you can read all about here.

– Thanks for the video Tim.

7 replies on “Melbourne Lives on the ABC.”

Very nice ABC. Sydney is not the centre of the earth, not even the most tv viewers are there! However Seven did get to this first. They have been running “made in melbourne” ads on and off for a couple of years, featuring Deal or No Deal, Dancing with the Stars etc and the 4.30 news, today tonight and Blue Heelers when they were made here still. Now the focus is one 7news melb.

Here’s a one-sided view! From what I see of Australia, everything major seems to happen in Sydney. Things like the opera house and other architecture in Sydney are recongniseable the world over, at New Year the fireworks in Sydney will be shown on the news. But why is it always Sydney and not Canberra that takes the limelight? Surely, as the capital city it should have all the recognised building and fireworks reported on the news?! If you ask anyone in the UK what the capital of Australia most of them would say Sydney or Melbourne, many wouldn’t have heard of Canberra. Some know it’s not Sydney or Melbourne but they can’t for the life of them remember what it’s called, “something beginning with a K?!” In fact, if it wasn’t for this blog I’d still be saying I didn’t know what it was today! Australia’s always struck me as odd for not exploiting its capital city to the world as much as other countries, though I guess that’s what makes it special!

I guess you could say that the same goes for America where someone might say the capital is New York, but generally Washington would be second on their list anyway!

Sean – this is simply because Sydney is a bigger city than Canberra, and also older.

Originally Melbourne was the capital of Australia. When a new capital city was needed (I don’t know why), instead of choosing either Melbourne or Sydney (Australia’s two most populous cities), they decided to build a new city roughly halfway between as a compromise – Canberra. This happened only about 100 years ago. This is why Sydney (even though it Australia’s largest and arguably most famous city) is not the capital.

And besides, there’s nothing famous in Canberra to “exploit” for tourism – Sydney is where all the landmarks are.

Also, the capital city is not necesarily the largest nor most famous – Canberra only have around 300,000 people.

firstly – dont feel bad about living in a third rate city, we still luv ya.

secondly – i REALLy like these promos. so much of the abc promos are really fuddy-duddy and have either half-baked concepts or half-realised execution. I think this pulls through on both fronts quite nicely. I reckon there should be one for all cities. And understand, by ‘cities’ i mean ‘sydney’ and ‘melbourne’ they are, of course, the only real cities in australia:)

ps – i used to live in canberra:)


Wow. I have personally always thought that the ABC did best in VIC. The VIC news rates higher than the NSW does, I believe. And the news set looks better, too. Not to mention the wonderful Spicks and Specks, Insiders, Inside Business and Offsiders.

They’re advertising the fact that The Einstein Factor is made in Melbourne? I would’ve thought that any city would want to pretend that it didn’t even realise the existence of that travesty of a quiz show.

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