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If breakfast cereal ran a television station.

British cereal Weetabix tries out being an ident (1.3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Weetabix, a British cereal (Weetbix for the Australian readers) has just launched a new campaign were it positions itself more as a television station then a snack food.

The ads are designed to resemble television idents, and asks the viewer “whats on Weetabix?” while recommending various toppings. See more of the campaign on the official website at

While this isn’t an official ident for any station, I recently featured a Cadbury’s ad being played on SBS that comes pretty close.

4 replies on “If breakfast cereal ran a television station.”

As if you’d have ice creem on weetbix (that’s what they’re called in Australia)!?!

These ads are very effective. They make me look up every time they’re on, merely because of the voiceover sounding like real continuity. I know there’s a brick of wheat in the middle of the screen, but these “idents” look great. It’s a shame design houses don’t get to make real idents like these.

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