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Those bilingual Welsh.. ddwyieithiol Cymraeg

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While English does not have de jure status in Australia as our national language, in Wales its a very different story. Wales is officially bilingual which means by law English and Welsh have to be treated equally.

This pop-up book inspired promo for Welsh broadcaster S4/C explains how to get the most out of the channel in your language of choice. The production is excellent, and its made a very memorable clip out of something that could have just as easily been a very boring piece-to-camera.

Proud Creative have been the folks behind all the S4/C videos I’ve posted, and its been some of the best stuff I have seen from anywhere in the world since I started this site. The new brand they have built for S4/C is incredibly genuine, thoughtful and just constantly visually stunning.

8 replies on “Those bilingual Welsh.. ddwyieithiol Cymraeg”

I thought it was clever as well.
Croeso i Gymru (Welcome to Wales), the only Welsh I know.

I loved those when I first saw them. It communicated something that could be quite boring in a really interesting and lighthearted way.

BTW There is no law to treat Welsh and English equally, but as the Welsh language broadcaster, it would be strange of S4C not to do this.

Thanks for the great blog.

That’s what I call innovation!

Thanks for the blog. I’m from Argentina, and your blog is a way to open a window to good taste in TV. I wish I had something from here to submit, but idents here don’t pass the “flying balls” and “fading fancy colours” categories…

When I come in Wales , I can imagine if it was the same in France, French equal with the nine non official languages: Occitan,Breton (Brezhoneg),Flemish (Westhoel Vlaamsch), Alsatian and Lorrain (Elsassisch und Plattd├â┬╝tsch), Catalan (Catal├â┬á), Corse(Corsu), Basque(Euskara),Savoyard (Arpitan). It ‘s a dream.
To be bilingual or trilingual, what a richness.

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