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The Wilkinson sword lands at Today.

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Tracy, Jessica, Sarah, Kellie.. and now Lisa. A new female host for the Nine Network’s Today show started yesterday, and while the usual first-day-of-a-new-host ratings were up, they weren’t as high as when Mrs Murdoch started her run, and quite frankly Nicole Kidman could host the show, but after the first day curiosities, the ratings would go back to what they are always are.

I have to agree with Crikey, and ask why “is Karl Stefanovic a protected species? After all, he and Richard Wilkins have been tried and found wanting by viewers — so why aren’t they boning candidates?”. They’re rumours that the show will be making the Sunrise-esque move to Park Street to be part of the city bustle, but besides people holding “watch Sunrise” banners in the background I’m not sure what good it will do.

The show needs to relaunch completely, new name, new set, and an actual focus, well, a focus beyond just copying Sunrise. If Sunrise is the friendly breakfast show, why not make Today the serious news breakfast show? Karl’s already dressed for it.

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Urgh! I’ll tell you one thing that is wrong with ‘Today’ and that is its awful opening music and graphics.

I have never seen them before, but they really look cheesy, don’t they.
Someone needs to show them the BBC Breakfast music and graphics – see how the professionals do it!

My sentiments exactly. Good god they look attrocious! That music is the worst! And those graphics! YUK! As for Lisa joining, well you can rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic all you want but in the end it is still gunna sink.

That opening is so boring. Why everything so slow? It sort of zooms down and then waits a few seconds… and then moves onto the next pointless “postcard”. Still, it’s a million times better than anything GMTV could do. The shocking thing about GMTV is they actually believe they do their job well. It must be years since they last had a new presenter.

The open and menu on Today are laughable – they remind me of some budget kids program or a naff music video program… I agree they are trying to mimic the sunrise formula… needs re-working….

The set still reminds me on Nan’s house. The format is boring and uninteresting you don’t need 100 presenters for sports and business. It’s too cluttered, slow and dull. Move somewhere like a street side or a city view somewhere that is more stimulating than the Sydney suburbs.

Beef up news, less chat – Dump Dicky, Cameron, Whoever is doing Business and Alan Jones. Make it faster flash it up a bit. A similar look to NBC Today would be nice as long as it is not too much like Sunrise which mimics the NBC Today look a bit. I don’t think following a British formula would work though. They tried it with their current set and it worked terribly.

Thats just scary. It was so traumatising that I had to watch the sunrise opener just for my damaged mental state.

I’ll be one of the people holding up a “Watch Sunrise” sign…

Yeah, Today’s design is pretty much totally bodge compared to what Sunrise pulled out (last month, was it?). I don’t mind the set too much (even though it makes me think of a KAK-built beach house), although it’s far too isolated for my liking.

I never realised that Karl was unpopular (hell, I can understand anyone trying to bone Wilkins) – I actually like him (and his suits – his suits are pretty awesome). I would like to see a more news-orientated style (rather than the attempts to emulate Sunrise – it’s so sad it reminds me of TT and ACA). Maybe not exactly rolling news like Sky News, but something less… absolutely laughable.

I think I just caught cancer! that was seriously depressing – the music on play school is better! From a usual 9 supporter, i have to say, GIVE UP! make something individual an creative – spend some money, don’t be tight arses and, this time try not to have stairs which lead upto nowhere and balconies which look over the nine carpark (as per the current set) – and please, don’t bone carl (or the steve jacobs) – they are the only people who are not as fake as a barbie doll

What the hell is bloody wrong with the Today Show – every single one of you can go suck up to Kochie and his croaky voice. Today is better and YOU know it!

No, today aren’t moving to park street, only to Sydney’s central meat packing districts – BTW, they should have a new host every day – that’ll raise the ratings every day! I also watch today – but i only like it because 7 is soooooooooooo fake!

Today….ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! What a shit attempt by nine. GIVE UP!!! Lets take bets people, $100 bucks says they bone someone by the end of the year. They gave Alan Jones the bone this week.

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