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Channel 4 and 20 Questions: First song?

What was the first song you ever bought? (4.9mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Channel 4 are still asking celebrities questions it seems, and their still splicing their answers into a very cool, less forced use of a networks on air talent. This time they’re asking what the first song they bought was. Unlike the other videos in this series, this one includes some of the cast of Ugly Betty, which is hopefully a sign that they intend to continue to update these, because for reasons I can’t define, I just love these.

To see; favourite swear, favourite invention and happiest moment click here and please let me know if you see anymore on air I don’t already have.

4 replies on “Channel 4 and 20 Questions: First song?”

thank you for posting this one :3 I love how channel4 manages their image.
may I ask you a question? (another one), which channels do you get there in australia (the ones from where you get all these nice idents :3) one thing I know, you don’t get either the french channels or the norway ones :3

My guess is that C4 has like a backlogue of these mini-interviews that they’re slowly releasing over the years. If that’s true, there’s probably some we’ll never get to see like Lost, The West Wing and perhaps even The OC. Richard Whitely’s will too never be seen again.

Channel 4 has the best presentation out of all the British channels (maybe the whole world). These 20 Questions are different to what any channel has done, just asking celebs what was there first, best etc. All I hope is they dont rebrand and that they stay with the current look for about as long as the BBC Two ‘2’s in the 90s ran for 10 years.

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