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Big Brother on C4 and E4.

Another year, another Big Brother launches in the UK (3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Big Brother launches its eighth season today in the UK. Broadcast on Channel 4 and E4, the show suffered some worse publicity than usual earlier this year with accusations of racism and bullying saw the shows major sponsor, The Carphone Warehouse drop out of the latest season, only to be replaced by Virgin Media.

The redesigned logo in the above promos have been described as a “centrifugal inter-locking RGB rainbow test card”.. which will apparently make sense at some point during the show.

4 replies on “Big Brother on C4 and E4.”

If they’re on their 8th season what hope to we have of Ten calling it quits with BB after the 7th season here?

The voice-over for that promo is the “narrator” for BB in the UK. His voice is instantly recognisable and many people will associate it with Big Brother. C4 have tried to give him other jobs (voice-over on idents) but I don’t think his voice suits anything else! I’m so glad the Carphone Warehouse pulled out of the sponsorship. Their promos were just horrible. The Virgin Media ones are going to use clips from BBs around the world!

E4’s making a big deal out of what is yet another season of just another reality TV show.

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