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For the next few moments our TV program became a radio show

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Scripted, unscripted, magazine style show, reality show, drama, comedy… whatever category Top Gear falls into it is one of the most entertaining shows on television, and the latest episode is the clearest sign yet that if a show about three guys talking about cars was capable of getting a theatrical release, this would be it.

Update: Read more about the making of this episode from the executive producer Andy Wilman and get James May’s response to getting run out of town by rednecks.

5 replies on “For the next few moments our TV program became a radio show”

This moment was definatly scripted. Why would they turn the cameras off at such an interesting moment. Why would someone film using their mobile as opposed to a broadcast quality camera. Ah who cares! It’s still hugely entertaining.

I’m sure the ‘radio’ bit was just for a laugh, seeing as though they could have used the same audio over shots of them travelling whether cameras were rolling or not.

Plus you can see the size of the cameras in their shadows as they ran away, and when you fear what these people might do to you when you’re desperately trying to wash paint off your car, I’m sure the last thing you wanna pull out your car is a massive camera and a sound man with his boom!

I’m sure the incident was no way as dramatic as it looks however, but that’s all part of the fun =)

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