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Life on Earth, in 1973.

BBC One ident, 70’s style for Life on Mars (1mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The BBC has not wavered from their 70’s theme when its comes to the promotion of the I’ve-heard-its-quite-good Life on Mars which started its second and final season last night in the UK.

While the beeb recently relaunched its BBC One idents, they took the ingenious step of having you “tune in” to the BBC of the 1970’s, idents and all, for their broadcast of last nights episode. Check out some of the other promos for Life on Mars here.

7 replies on “Life on Earth, in 1973.”

Very nice surprise! Not 100 per cent there for us font anoraks (the Welsh one was set in Arial, which didn’t exist in 1973), but a good effort from Red Bee Media nonetheless.

I’m an American, but I’ve seen that globe quite a bit in Monty Python. (It’s in reruns on BBC America.)

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