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Four to the Floor: The fourth apostle

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The beach, the waves, the rocks, a plug for Ugly Betty.. another awesome ident from Channel 4. See the entire collection of Channel 4 idents (including this one) here.

If you happen to have any of the ones I’m missing (sofa?), please email me.

2 replies on “Four to the Floor: The fourth apostle”

speakin of ugly betty, i am really excited about 7’s new sunday line up, 6.30 australia’s got talent, 7.30 ugly betty, 8.30 grey’s anatomy and 9.30 what about brian. they have quite a nice little ad to promote this line up which commences sunday week

You’re missing the sofa ident, eh? I haven’t even seen it on TV yet! I think it’s been taken off-air now as the presenter the man on the sofa is watching has left the show now. I’ve only seen it on the internet.

Another ident is the “old man” one which is yet to be broadcast but can be found on one of C4’s press sites somewhere. It’s weird and very long (at least a minute).

I get the impression that this ident was made to be shown before Lost but Sky One bought the show before the ident actually came to air!

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