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The relaunch of Sunrise (later this month)

Sunrise is relaunching.. soon (10mb) >> To comment and read up on one of the changes visit

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Sunrise may be at the top of it game, but thats not going to stop them from keeping fresh and hopefully winning over what viewers remain from the fallen star that is Nine’s Today Show.

Besides a visual refresh (sets and graphics) a few new segments are being introduced, including one aimed right at the epitome of The Today Show’s stuffiness… Alan Jones;

The Other Editorial will be a daily shot at Alan Jones’ gig on Today featuring comedians such as Jonesy and Amanda, Peter Berner, Fifi Box, Paul Murray and The Sandman “covering everything from social etiquette to celebrity appraisal.”

So look out for that later this month & the new weather person (figured it out yet?).

Above is video of this mornings opener, and for contrast what it looked like nearly a year ago.

16 replies on “The relaunch of Sunrise (later this month)”

They sure don’t waste their time in getting that SMS number out there. 🙂

Of course, over here in the States, the only time you see “interaction” via SMS is to enter a contest of some sort…

Good on Sunrise, great to see they aren’t resting on their laurels. I was in Sydney last week and went to see Sunrise is the plaza, I met Kochie and Mel, very friendly and approachable. And MY GOD THEY ARE TALL!

Aren’t they Nick! I wonder what brekky central looks like after the revamp! one things certain,SR ARE BETTER THAN RADIO AND DEFINETLEY TODAY!

I hope the set will look decent as the current one looks like it had no effort put into it. Anyway, I reckon the new weatherman might be a femal – like Monique Wright or maybe even Naomi Robson.

What news would you rather them cover? I doubt it would be Naomi, I feel that’d be a step down plus she lives in Melbourne. Samantha Armytage or Monique Wright would be better suited or that Naula Haffner who does Sydney’s 7news weekday weather.

Sara Groen[saturday disney] now does sydneys 7news weather, Nick. I hear a whisper Nuala will do sunrise weather! If she does, SUNRISE IS FLAMIN” GOOD ! [better than it already is,imagine that!]

Am I the only one who can’t stand Nuala Hafner? This may at least partially be because Seven tried to build a sort of personality cult around her two minutes of airtime each night, but I overall can’t cope with weather presenters.

I can’t stand Nuala Hafner either and I’m not fond of Tim bailey too. I wouldn’t mind Samantha Armytage though.

oh that’s a shame. From what I saw of her, which was little since i live in melb, I liked her. I think Samantha Armytage would be good but she already has a steady gig. The 4.30 news.

UUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Bring back Mike! Before 2003 Nuala did weather here in adelaide before she got the gig in sydneys 7news.

Samantha Armytage isn’t going to be doin the weather thats for sure, who would step down from 4.30 news into a weather position?? thats right no one is that stupid! plus then they have no one to read the 4.30 news. Mike was crap and got dumped, they got no one! unless they give it back to Bec Madden from Melbourne. She was the news reader on Seven weekend sunrise today (which comes live out of sydney) she should do the weather!

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