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Everybody talks about a new world in the morning

Revamped SBS News coming soon (3mb) >> To comment, or just find out the name of the song visit

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Crikey has already weighed in on the soon to launch one hour SBS World News, and while I’m not a fan of more ad breaks (although it further justifies keeping the ABC ad free if nothing else), I have to congratulate SBS on introducing someone too young to have ever heard of Roger Whittaker to his ‘New World in the Morning’.

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Indeed at least the new logo (and new graphics?) is much cleaner, and getting rid of that piss poor virtual studio.

would anyone have any idea who sings that version of ‘new world in the morning’ on the new sbs news commercials?

Is this really Roger Whittaker ? Doesn’t sound a thing like the version I have.

Could anyone tell me what album it is off ?

Any idea where I can get a full version of the old SBS World News theme, from before they last updated it? They used to play it for Weatherwatch on SBS World News channel, then they updated it about a year or more ago. I much preferred the old version.

As for the new news, is it just me or is Stan Grant the male equivalent of Naomi Robson?

Hi! Same question as above. Where can I get the full version of “New World in the Moring” by Rick Price?

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