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Seven beats per bar.

My Favourite Film (4.9mb) >> To comment and see Andrew Hansen’s version of Radiohead’s OK, Computer visit

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Myf Warhurst hosted last nights My Favourite Album on ABC. The third such special, which has so far included Jennifer Byrne with My Favourite Book and Margaret Pomeranz with My Favourite Film.

These list shows are very simple concepts (E! does about 40 of them a week), the ABC has done an awesome job with them, and as with the first two, I really enjoyed last nights.

The second video is Andrew Hansen doing his “Crazy Warehouse Guy” homage to Radiohead’s OK, Computer album, which is Australia’s 3rd favourite album, see the full list here.

I look forward to next years; My Favourite… TV Show, Blog, Sonnet, Magazine?

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What a fantastic opening, and what a great show!

What has amazed me about all three about these specials has been the set – it looks a LOT like the BBC News set.

Why doesn’t the ABC set it up as a News set? It would look spectacular!

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